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Experience the magic of Key West's wild bottled-nosed dolphins!

Captain Sheri Sullenger will guide your journey through the sparkling waters of Key West. On your adventure experience the natural wonders of our coral reefs, back country mangrove habitat, diverse bird populations, and local marine life-- including of course the resident dolphins.

Enjoy an opportunity to learn about the social behavior, physiology, healing and spiritual aspects of the dolphins. Witness the behavior of these incredible mammals in their own habitat. Snorkel and swim in the waters around Key West.

Please keep in mind that these encounters take place with wild dolphins-- in their home, on their terms. Encounters do happen on nearly every journey, However we do not guarantee it . WE DO NOT FEED OR HARASS (The Dolphins) nor attempt to alter their behavior in any manner. Most of the time, the dolphins gift us with the opportunity to view them going about their daily activities.

Open your heart to a wonderful day of discovery as you share in the natural wonders of Florida's waters and wildlife.

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